Guitar Hero, Learning Guitar, and Other Updates

Hi readers!

I’ve had a bit of a lull in posting, and thought it would be fun to update you on what I’ve been up to the last 6 weeks. I’ve actually – *gasp* – taken a break from my usual habit of outdoorsy video games. Why, you ask? A friend came over with a copy of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for PS3. I’ve never been into those types of games, and after a bit of convincing we had a couple beers and started playing. We literally played for 6 straight hours. It’s SO ADDICTING, and I love it. Be warned – this game is super hard. I can only muster up the courage for easy/medium difficulty thus far.

Unfortunately my friend didn’t want to leave the game with me, so I ended up purchasing it myself. After about two weeks straight of playing and immensely enjoying the feeling of nailing new songs, I had a thought. What if I applied my dedication to actually learning the *real* instrument? I dug up an old Yamaha acoustic guitar my dad had given me a few years ago. Despite my addiction to buying gear for my outdoor activities and buying video games, I’m actually a pretty frugal person. So naturally I started looking online for free resources to learn the guitar.

After some digging, I found out that YouTube seems to be where all the free videos live (perhaps that’s not a surprise to my readers). I tend to be a very structured person, and the problem with finding lessons on YouTube is that there are way too many! Try for yourself – go to YouTube and type into the search “guitar lessons” or “guitar lessons for beginners”. The selection makes my head spin.

YouTube learn guitar

Seeing that I spent zero dollars on a guitar, I thought, why not put those savings towards some guitar lessons? After reading some articles on the topic, I opted to try to find a good structured program of lessons online, rather than enroll in lessons with an instructor where I have to actually go to someone’s home. Not only are online lessons far more convenient, but from a cost standpoint it’s much more economical to subscribe to online lessons. I’ve spent money on subscription services before (Netflix, Xbox Live), but never online lessons. After some searching, I found this helpful guide which discussed some of the best paid online guitar lessons for beginners. Taking their advice, I opted for a year membership to Guitar Tricks (looks to be better for the novice player). I’m only a few days in, but I’m loving it so far. I will post a full review of my experience in a future blog post, after I’ve been doing it for at least several weeks.

did find that YouTube is actually a great free resource if all you care about is learning some basic songs. There are endless tutorials of people showing you how to play their favorite songs. Of course, this is probably only useful when you’ve been playing for a little while and already are somewhat well-versed.

Well there you have it, that’s what I’ve been up to the last month and a half, and I’m having a blast with my newfound hobby. Oh and yes I am still playing Guitar Hero occasionally 😉