Rock Band is Making Me a Better Guitar Hero Player

I bought Rock Band! I’ve been extremely hooked on Guitar Hero, and I went out and bough Rock Band as well. I did it so I could improve all around. Let me explain…

Lets face it, almost all of us have played Rock Band at one time or another, or at least some game that is somewhat like it. It is rather enjoyable, until you hit a wall and can no longer keep that perfect score that you could in easy mode. Well, like all activities, whether it be sports, games, real guitar playing, etc, Rock Band takes practice. By practice, I don’t mean playing the same song over and over again, or using the same instrument over and over again.

You see, each instrument really has the same pattern. Some are harder than others, (the drum being considered the hardest) and then you have the easier instruments (the microphone) where you barely have to do anything at all. How do you think a Rock Band player got so good that he could play both the drum and guitar at the same time? If you guessed practice, you guessed right!

The best way to practice in Rock Band, (as found by expert Rock Band players), is cycle instruments every song, and play different songs! Playing the same song over and over again will not help you practice the game. All that will help you do is simply practice a song.

Start on easy mode, even if you’re already much better. The reason for this is because some songs will go slower in some sections, and if you’re in the mindset of clicking the tabs as fast as you can, you’ll miss notes!

After perfecting easy mode on a few dozen songs, switch to medium. You shouldn’t need to play on medium for as long as you did on easy, and after about a dozen songs you should switch to hard mode.

Finally, skip hard and switch to expert mode. After being able to play some of the easier songs on expert, switch to hard and play some of the harder songs. At this point, you will have every mindset down pat, and be playing like a pro in no time!