Hi there! Chad here, glad you are visiting my little corner of the internet, BowBlade Gaming dot com. If you are reading this rather than my blog posts on video game reviews, then I assume you want to know a little bit about the man behind the reviews!

I grew up in a very outdoorsy family, camping, hunting, and fishing. My family and I were frequently in Colorado, Wyoming, California, and Texas, taking in all that the great outdoors had to offer. As I grew older, my friends and I would often find ourselves around video game arcades. I was instantly drawn to hunting and fishing games, since that’s something I know a little bit about! Not just that, but I became quite adept at playing those games. And that’s how the obsession began.

Over the years I’ve practically all of the major video game console systems: NES, SNES, Nintendo64, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii (my all time favorite), PSP, PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and Sega Dreamcast (also one of my favorites!). I’ve bought every hunting and fishing video game that has ever existed. I won’t list them all here, but I’ll write reviews for them slowly but surely – I have a lot to say! Sometimes I’ve even had to resort to eBay and used/vintage gaming stores to find some of the rarer ones.

I still love to be in the actual outdoors and hunt, fish, and camp with friends. But these days it’s hard to get all my friends together on a regular basis and take expensive trips. Good thing I have my trusty games I can always turn to! There’s a certain great nostalgia playing some of them, because it reminds me of the day when I first bought them and how happy I was. I love that feeling, and continue to look forward to hunting and fishing video games released for all of the next generation console systems.

I can’t wait until video game console systems make the next leap into virtual reality – I can imagine putting on a headset or glasses, and being instantly transported to Prince of Wales Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Alaska, etc. and have a realistic hunting or fishing experience all from the comfort of your living room… imagine that! Of course, nothing can quite beat the experience of being outside, breathing in the fresh air, and getting some exercise. But since I can’t do that all the time, video games to the rescue!

Hope you enjoy my blog 😉