Rock Band is Making Me a Better Guitar Hero Player

I bought Rock Band! I’ve been extremely hooked on Guitar Hero, and I went out and bough Rock Band as well. I did it so I could improve all around. Let me explain…

Lets face it, almost all of us have played Rock Band at one time or another, or at least some game that is somewhat like it. It is rather enjoyable, until you hit a wall and can no longer keep that perfect score that you could in easy mode. Well, like all activities, whether it be sports, games, real guitar playing, etc, Rock Band takes practice. By practice, I don’t mean playing the same song over and over again, or using the same instrument over and over again.

You see, each instrument really has the same pattern. Some are harder than others, (the drum being considered the hardest) and then you have the easier instruments (the microphone) where you barely have to do anything at all. How do you think a Rock Band player got so good that he could play both the drum and guitar at the same time? If you guessed practice, you guessed right!

The best way to practice in Rock Band, (as found by expert Rock Band players), is cycle instruments every song, and play different songs! Playing the same song over and over again will not help you practice the game. All that will help you do is simply practice a song.

Start on easy mode, even if you’re already much better. The reason for this is because some songs will go slower in some sections, and if you’re in the mindset of clicking the tabs as fast as you can, you’ll miss notes!

After perfecting easy mode on a few dozen songs, switch to medium. You shouldn’t need to play on medium for as long as you did on easy, and after about a dozen songs you should switch to hard mode.

Finally, skip hard and switch to expert mode. After being able to play some of the easier songs on expert, switch to hard and play some of the harder songs. At this point, you will have every mindset down pat, and be playing like a pro in no time!

Guitar Hero, Learning Guitar, and Other Updates

Hi readers!

I’ve had a bit of a lull in posting, and thought it would be fun to update you on what I’ve been up to the last 6 weeks. I’ve actually – *gasp* – taken a break from my usual habit of outdoorsy video games. Why, you ask? A friend came over with a copy of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for PS3. I’ve never been into those types of games, and after a bit of convincing we had a couple beers and started playing. We literally played for 6 straight hours. It’s SO ADDICTING, and I love it. Be warned – this game is super hard. I can only muster up the courage for easy/medium difficulty thus far.

Unfortunately my friend didn’t want to leave the game with me, so I ended up purchasing it myself. After about two weeks straight of playing and immensely enjoying the feeling of nailing new songs, I had a thought. What if I applied my dedication to actually learning the *real* instrument? I dug up an old Yamaha acoustic guitar my dad had given me a few years ago. Despite my addiction to buying gear for my outdoor activities and buying video games, I’m actually a pretty frugal person. So naturally I started looking online for free resources to learn the guitar.

After some digging, I found out that YouTube seems to be where all the free videos live (perhaps that’s not a surprise to my readers). I tend to be a very structured person, and the problem with finding lessons on YouTube is that there are way too many! Try for yourself – go to YouTube and type into the search “guitar lessons” or “guitar lessons for beginners”. The selection makes my head spin.

YouTube learn guitar

Seeing that I spent zero dollars on a guitar, I thought, why not put those savings towards some guitar lessons? After reading some articles on the topic, I opted to try to find a good structured program of lessons online, rather than enroll in lessons with an instructor where I have to actually go to someone’s home. Not only are online lessons far more convenient, but from a cost standpoint it’s much more economical to subscribe to online lessons. I’ve spent money on subscription services before (Netflix, Xbox Live), but never online lessons. After some searching, I found this helpful guide which discussed some of the best paid online guitar lessons for beginners. Taking their advice, I opted for a year membership to Guitar Tricks (looks to be better for the novice player). I’m only a few days in, but I’m loving it so far. I will post a full review of my experience in a future blog post, after I’ve been doing it for at least several weeks.

did find that YouTube is actually a great free resource if all you care about is learning some basic songs. There are endless tutorials of people showing you how to play their favorite songs. Of course, this is probably only useful when you’ve been playing for a little while and already are somewhat well-versed.

Well there you have it, that’s what I’ve been up to the last month and a half, and I’m having a blast with my newfound hobby. Oh and yes I am still playing Guitar Hero occasionally 😉





It’s a Lifestyle

I hear it all the time. Why are you writing about video games about the outdoors? If you’re that into fishing and hunting, why don’t you get out there and do it? To that, my response is I do. But I can’t do that everyday, and sometimes video games are the more accessible option.

I know that most people use video games for high-adrenaline excitement and entertainment, and that’s cool. However, sometimes I just want to pop the top on a cold one and unwind after the 9-5 grind. So, when I’m not able to climb into my favorite deer blind or get out on the lake on short notice, sometimes I like to sit in my armchair and get in my hunting/fishing fix with video games being the viable option. I want to escape reality and relax doing something I love. Without blowing up zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. Without making an imaginary farm on Facebook. I love classic casino games of skill and luck like poker and bingo, but that’s not what this is about. If you want that, go elsewhere. I’m sure there’s a site for that too. There’s a site for everything. Sites for angry birds, world of warcraft, or even sites about bingo. Heck, this is a niche site. I mean, I write about hunting, fishing, and camping games. And while I love that kind of stuff too, I want to unwind with full involvement that only console games with an immersive environment can provide by getting in 30 minutes to an hour of relaxation before hitting the hay. For me that is where video games meet my passion of being a sportsman. That’s what this site is all about.

It’s all about the latest and greatest games centered around the outdoor lifestyle. I mainly do it for me, so please don’t take my reviews too seriously (I certainly don’t!), but I like sharing my thoughts on my everything from my rifles to my bait choices, so why should my video games be any different? Hopefully, this site helps you decide what games are a fit for your needs, and it brings you information on the best choice entertainment option for you.

Happy hunting!


The Big Buck HD Video Game Review

Hunting hasn’t ever been more fun, just by simply hanging out in your favorite watering-hole to play the greatly entertaining Big Buck HD. If you are looking for an arcade game that delivers the same amount of thrill and excitement that you would get when you go out hunting, this is the game for you. Even if a player hasn’t hunted one day in their life, you can pretty much bet that they will find something fun and irresistible about this fine arcade shooter. This Big Buck HD video game review will give you a good idea of what the hype is all about and what makes it so much fun to play.

Big Buck HD was developed by the truly innovative company, Play mechanix and it was published for everybody to enjoy by the always fantastic, Raw Thrills. The style of gameplay is considered light gun, which essentially means that you will be able hunt down and shoot wild deer and other various game in a genuinely virtual outdoor world fashion.

Compete Against Players All Around the World

You can also take on competition from fellow patrons of the establishment or friends who are looking for a little friendly competition to kill some time with. The game is so advanced that it will also enable you to compete with different people from all around the world. When you play Big Buck HD, you will quickly realize that there really isn’t much you can’t do, when you compare it to other games of it’s nature.

One thing that you will need to worry about though is the fact that you will always have to avoid shooting any of the doe’s that present themselves in the game. The key focus of the player is to only concern themselves with stags and make sure that they can be considered prize stags as well, deer displaying a broad shouldered appearance and showing a bigger set of antlers.

A Virtual Outdoor World of Pure Entertainment

The game is based on the classic arcade game of the same name, just minus the HD aspect of it. Since its humble inception, Big Buck Hunter HD has truly evolved and stayed with the ever progressing advancements in technology. Players have been invited into a world of pure entertainment and an undeniably authentic kind of fun that any other arcade game in general just can’t do.

The graphics which the game incorporates are top-notch and a sincere, first-class effort by a company that is easily considered one of the best arcade shooter game developers in the business today. You will quickly notice the simply eye-popping, 1080p resolution and the fantastic high-frame rate which is perfectly utilized. The special effects are blended exquisitely with broad resolution textures, rounding-off the visual details to absolute perfection, as if you were really out there getting your huntin’ on.

The movement of the animals are more life-like than they have ever been anywhere else and the natural flow that they present in the way they walk and run needs to be seen to believed. A realistic environment is brought to the forefront, displaying waters which reveal stunning reflections and the rocks and trees look as if you can just reach out and touch them.

Bring on the Big Buck

Hopefully by reading this Big Buck HD video game review, you get a better sense of just how great this game really is and the amount of fun that you can have just by hitting your favorite local bar and grabbing a cold brew.


Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Video Game Review

Fishing video games are a hit for individuals like me who love outdoor activities but cannot actually go on a trip to enjoy fishing every day. And while it’s not the same as being on the water, I really enjoyed my experience with this. I played it on a PS3.

Virtual Reality

What I like about this video game is its virtual reality feature. It offers realistic gaming experience as if I am actually on site fishing, without getting myself drenched in water or getting exposed under the sun. However, it gives a realistic gaming experience as I may need to wait before a fish actually takes the bait, which is similar in actual fishing. This point alone is enough to emphasize that the game has intelligent and realistic gaming experience.

Aside from fishing, I can also join tournament and compete with actual pro fishermen. This tournament is based on actual tournament held in many fishing sites and organizations. The players included in the competition are programmed according to their real-life fishing game profiles to retain realistic tournament experience. This is the first game that integrated such realistic tournament.

Here’s an a amazing 20 minute video to give you a sense of the gameplay and features.

Supported Consoles

People like me who love playing this game can be confident of its compatibility with many consoles. It is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, and PlayStation 2.

Multiplayer Option Available

This game also supports multiplayer action. I can invite my friends for a game and see who is the best in angling challenges and who can catch a fish. Its ability to support multiplayers gained this game positive Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Video Game Review from numerous players.

Different Fleet and Accessories Options

Fishing is a great activity, especially if you have the right fleet. You will be glad in reading this Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Video Game Review as you learn about its numerous fleet options. Look for licensed boas and motors that expert fishers use for their activity. You will find these fleets right in the inventory and look for the right fleet that will make your character more confident in winning the tournaments.

Aside from fleets, I can customize my gaming experience by choosing from a long list of fishing lures, rods and other gears. The key to successful fishing is using the right gears. Since I’m up with professionals in this game, I can select from professional-grade fishing gears available right in my inventory.

Other Reviews

Due to its features, Rapala Pro Bass Fishing game made a noise in the virtual gaming community. It gets great reviews in from the gaming community.  It means it keeps its promises of fun-filled, realistic gaming experience.

Without a doubt, this game is perhaps the best fishing game I can get today. From virtual reality, fleet options to player choices, this game lets me make the best of my fishing game. No wonder this game receives quite a lot of positive feedback from numerous gamers. I highly recommend you give this one a go if you’re into fishing.